Managed I.T. Services

We take on your I.T. services while you focus on your core business

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Main Offerings
I.T. Consulting

I.T. Consulting

Al Arandas consulting approach leverages the broad capacity of workplace technology and channels it to meet your strategic ends.

I.T. Support

I.T. Support

We provide IT support services and other managed IT services with the expert level of service, capacity, and confidence.

Managed DevOps


Improve Scalability and IT operations with cloud-based DevOps automation to reach the ultimate performance.

Cyber Security Assurance

Cyber Security

We protect your business from disruption and inconvenience and enable you to excel in your industry.

We Love Cloud and Digital Transformation

Cloud native is where our strength lies. We are tech experts who deliver Cloud infrastructure enablement, whether you need to set up/optimize/secure your application, ERP on Cloud, or migrate to a new Cloud platform.

Digital Transformation

Why Work With Us

Improved Workflow

Increased operational efficiency from improved and re-engineered processes accross your organization.

Customer Satisfaction

The improved response time for your customers is an important factor in making them happy and retaining them as loyal patrons of your company.

Cost Savings

With our managed I.T. services doing all the work for you, you can avoid sunk and operational costs altogether.

Complete Compliance

Using our high-standard Managed I.T. services will guarantee that your company is compliant with the necessary inductry standards.

Recent Client Infrastructure and System Upgrade

Upgraded legacy hardware and software, ironed out performance issues resulting from inadequate hardware specifications, and carried out an Accounting system upgrade.

Client Testimonials

"Al Arandas' input has helped mitigate human errors and streamline the development process, meeting expectations. They’ve facilitated a productive workflow through collaboration. Their professionalism and accountability accentuate their high-quality output."
“The support team created a detailed monitoring dashboard that ensured smooth project scalability for main cloud providers and performed high availability optimization for their platform. The company was quite happy to work with such talented professionals.”
“The team has worked hard to handle our project keeping up with the smallest details and executing to perfection. They have also accommodated a number of last minute changes in some of our requirements. All in all, it has been a pleasure working with your staff so far.”

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