Services Overview

Our Services

Providing managed I.T. services to small and mid-sized businesses so they can focus on their business objectives.

I.T. Consulting

Al Arandas consulting approach leverages the broad capacity of workplace technology and channels it to meet your strategic ends. It removes roadblocks, streamlines processes, and accelerates initiatives so you’re free to focus on the next big thing.
As top information technology consultants, we work with you to make your office technology a tool that directly contributes to productivity and advancement. Our job is to create a technological safe haven in a rapidly evolving world.

I.T. Support

IT is the single most-used tool in your business operations. As such, we provide IT support services and other managed IT services with the expert level of service, capacity, and confidence you would expect from any of your critical teams.
Our philosophy is simple. We prevent problems from happening, and we stop recurring issues before they ever have a chance to start, enabling you to leverage IT as a strategic asset to support near and long term business objectives.

Managed DevOps

We streamline Workflows and Improve Scalability by tying up your software development and IT operations with cloud-based DevOps automation to reach the ultimate performance and perfect in-house workflows.
We lay a well-structured, sturdy foundation for your projects, employ CI/CD automation techniques to speed up the release, and adjust workflows and operations to cut unnecessary expenses.

Cyber Security

As a cyber security services provider for small businesses, we recognize that most businesses don’t have a good grasp on the basics of IT security. You need at least an equivalent level of security for your company’s IT systems as you have for the traditional physical security.
The right cyber security measures can protect your business from disruption and inconvenience and enable you to excel in your industry. Insufficient cyber security measures, by contrast, leave you vulnerable to data loss, breaches of trust, and litigation.

I.T. Procurement

Acquiring the right IT assets that provide the best long-term results is an important undertaking, and one that impacts your business efficacy for years to come. As such, IT procurement necessitates clear, expert leadership to identify needs, assess options, and execute the purchase and implementation.
IT assets are a strategic investment, and their acquisition requires specialized knowledge to identify the right solutions for the unique environment you face.


A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a third-party company that manages and assumes the responsibility of a defined set of IT and technology management services to its customers. It is a strategic method of improving operations that is commonplace among large corporations as well as small and medium-size businesses, non-profit organizations, and governments.

The vast majority of I.T. issues can be handled remotely, however sometimes there is a need to be on site. When that need arises, we will dispatch technicians to your site to handle those issues.

We will develop IT security policies for your specific enterprise. In addition, Al Arandas can do CyberSecurity testing, employee training, and even reviews.

Our server and network engineers carry a large variety of industry certifications including from Cisco and Microsoft.  These certifications cover key areas such as Security, Routing, Switching, Active Directory, Exchange, ADFS, and others

There’s no such thing as “standardized pricing” for managed IT services because many MSPs intentionally make it hard to understand what they offer. In many cases, comparing MSPs in terms of price can feel like comparing apples and… orangutans. To find the right MSP at the right price for your needs, your best bet is to find the rare MSP that offers all-in, fixed-fee pricing with no hidden costs. 

Yes, our business  is insured against potential losses or theft, giving us and our clients peace of mind knowing we are covered in the event of loses.